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Nov 28, 2012 4:00pm EST
deliver it in 10 days. not every company dan do that. we create a market. meaning if you want to liquidate and sell back we create a market so you can liquidate. david: is that the part of the problem got into? >> absolutely not. that bass not the issue. that was a disclosure issue. lear capital the service we provide the way we go after our clients long term has been excellent. but the key point here this is a great time to own gold, dave, as you know. the market has done well over the last deck i had can. the prospects going forward are very, very positive. david: let me put a what if scenario though, scott. what happens if the fed says, look, we've done as much as we're going to do. as much money printing we're going to do. may not happen tomorrow or next month but sometime in 2013. when that happens, they announce, maybe won't be raising rates but not being as aggressive in money printing as they are now, won't gold be dropping down? >> i don't think so because if you look 2002 to 2007, even before the money printing, gold did very well because you had a declining dollar. you had the e
FOX Business
Nov 26, 2012 8:00pm EST
schaefer, and dan mitchell, rich, i have not even got into investor related taxes that goes up, medicare surcharge for well to do, i can go on and on with what states are doing with millon air taxes and the like that go -- are republicans missing this? >> you know, when you come into this argument, republicans are sort of going into this branding it as a revenue increase, they refuse to say tax increase, part of this, they say, you create a more efficient system in maybe you could lower rates maybe you get rid of some deductions, but that generates more economic activity, that is more money to be taxed. but, don't be mistaken, you are taking more money from the american population than you would be without factoring in economic growth. talk about that cap, tax policy center says a 50,000 collar cap on -- 50,000 dollar cap on deduct, 750 bill i don't know over 10 years, that is real from come. neil: do you think that is what democrats are hinting at, when they say, it does not have to be a rate hike or bust? that they are quietly thinking, you know with this alternative, we could actually
FOX Business
Nov 22, 2012 9:00pm EST
? >> it goes into private pockets. john: so what? >> is very good to use, for dan to use the public land for running a private business or rent apart where all year round there is commercial revenue from renting in up to businesses. he keeps all that money. people don't realize that. i was in the park yesterday. i walked around and did a survey i asked 20 people if they thought this money was going to the city, and they'll think it is. so. john: so what if they think it's going to mars. the park is nice. >> it would not have the taxes. we have the money left over. the park could be just as good. john: well, it certainly is true that the park is very commercial these days. but buying and selling going on. holiday gifts. very commercial. on the other hand, the public seems fine with that. >> its and look very nice. a different story. >> a lot of the things that they should be doing. you should -- john: some money. >> that's right. you will study. if everyone would feel just as good. >> is a very public. nobody has viewed it as privatized, and the final answer to these arguments, every doll
FOX Business
Nov 21, 2012 11:00am EST
between israel and hamas. dagen: dan, how does this progress? >> well, it probably ends with a cease-fire, eventually. i dow not that the bus bombing was carried out by hamas. i do not know if you'll get a cease fire over the weekend. what they got was a lot of public support, but not much more than that. connell: you say it may end with a cease fire. say we get that. for the sake of our discussion. then what? how does that affect us and the rest of the process going forward? >> one of the difficulties is the next thing you want is a truce. the israelis are saying are we talking about a truce or a timeout? , want israel to lift the blockade of the gaza strip. they cannot cut off the sure that that will happen. it will be very difficult to get a truce. dagen: how does it impact those tensions now? >> this is an excellent question. what the israelis have achieved is they have not rot international condemnation upon themselves. the interesting reason they did that is because they had this missile defense system set up. it knocked down about 90% of the rockets that hamas had sent him. th
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)